Western Egypt 2017 Egypt

  • Objective (objective 1[-1])
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Western Egypt - 2017 ().

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Militants try to enter Western Egypt but are struck by Egyptian air-force. 12 vehicles are destroyed in total.

Militants deep to get to the eastern edge of the map.

This game is one of the first to apply the morale rules are part of the game play, else otherwise they could have done it no matter how much damage they recieved.

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Units (Militants)

Militants - Militant Motorised Company - Infantry (1-1-6) Militant Motorised Company - Infantry (1-1-6)

Units (Egypt)

Egypt - Egyptian F16 - Air (3-3-20) Egyptian F16 - Air (3-3-20)
Egypt - Egyptian F16 - Air (3-3-20) Egyptian F16 - Air (3-3-20)

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